NLP-based coach : Omar91

Freelancer presentation

I am a professional coach based on neurolinguistic programming. I coach executives and managers in the professional world to achieve their goals easily based on scientific and approved tools and methods, as well as I coach entrepreneurs to exceed their limits and use their full potential and get out of their comfort zone.

The coaching process consists in improving the performance of the employee or the entrepreneur to reach the final objective while basing on models, tools and methods scientifically proven that they are reliable according to the profile of the person.

Coaching is done remotely in sessions of one hour to one and a half hours maximum.

Before starting the coaching sessions, I would like the coachee to present certain information such as his availability, his willingness, his agreement to go all the way, his respect of the commitment to succeed in the coaching interview and to reach his desired goal.

Profile information

Nickname : Omar91

ID : F02162

Country : Tunisia

Speciality : Training and coaching

Who am I : I am a professional coach based on NLP

Skills & tools mastered : Microsoft office 365, Ms Project 

Level of studies : University

Availability: 8 hours/week

Hourly rate : 5 dollars/hour

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