Embedded systems developer : AsliSarra


Freelancer presentation

I am a senior technician in embedded systems and mobile development, passionate about new technologies and robotics. With 2 years of experience in technical support, I am in charge of analyzing and solving various technical problems reported, diagnosing hardware or software malfunctions, proposing solutions to improve the performance and quality of the project and ensure customer satisfaction, contacting, informing and guiding customers in case of difficulty. 

I master computer tools and operating systems with good knowledge of Android, JAVA, JavaScript and HTML development languages. 

Creative, versatile with strong problem solving skills, good analytical skills with great attention to detail. My experience has given me a good vision of the business and its challenges, I intend to use all my professional qualities and skills.

Profile information

Nickname : AsliSarra

ID : F02119

Country : Tunisia

Specialty : Embedded development

Who am I : FrontEnd/FrontDesk technician.

Skills & tools mastered : CRM, Excel Macros, IBM Rational Synergy, Basics Electronics Knowledge, Embedded systems, Android.

Education level : University

Availability : 12 hours/week

Hourly rate : 5 dollars/hour

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